Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel



Charne Visser | Not an Exercise for The Lips and Tongue (Series of III) | Lithographic Ink, Linseed Oil



Pieter Mostert | Installation View



Pieter Mostert | Untitled | Ceramic form with Terra Sigala



Klara-Marie Den Heijer | Grondstof Installation View

_Root_ Lizelle Kirsten, 2018.jpg


Lizelle Kirsten | Rooted | Oil on board


Lizelle Kirsten | Belief | Ink on fabriano

Aaron Mulenga 1.jpeg


Aaron Mulenga Caught up in Your Promise | Ground coffee on canvas

thank you for everything FAnie Marais.JP


Fanie Marais Thank You For Everything | Oil on canvas



Candice Janse Van Rensburg Introverted Patterns of Comfort | Origami paper

Elbie Visser 3.jpg


Elbie Visser | Fragmented Heroes III | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser copy.jpg


Elbie Visser | Deaf, Blind and Dumb | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser 2.jpg


Elbie Visser Foolish Wisdom | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser 1.jpg


Elbie Visser Fragmented Heroes I | Oil on canvas