Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel


Heidi Salzwedel solo exhibition |

National Arts Festival | 


Inspired by a dream while in the Netherlands on an art residency, these artworks by Heidi Salzwedel deal with place, history and spirituality through the lens of two towns that share the same name: the tourist town of Delft in Holland and the notoriously dangerous Delft in the Western Cape.


While they appear on the surface to stand on opposite ends of a spectrum socially, politically and geographically, Salzwedel uses the metaphor of water to ask questions about the imminent proximity of spiritual fulfillment in both.


Two Blues | Watercolour


Floating I - IV | Photographic Prints


Flooded Interiors I - III | Ink drawings


We All Fall Down | Cement, paint


Delft - Cape Town and Delft - Netherlands | Graphite Pencil and Watercolour on Fabriano


Installation View

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