Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel


Group Exhibition | 

Dyman Gallery Stellenbosch 2020

Curated by Jonathan Griffiths and Amy Pike


Dyman Gallery, Stellenbosch



Ydi Carstens

Mosa Anita Kaiser

Lizelle Kirsten

Sonja Kloppers

Marieka Kruger

Nericke Labuschagne

Ntobeko Njijwa

Bronwen Salton

Carmen Maria Titus

Maryke Van Velden

Elbie Visser

Jana Visser


Jonathan Griffiths

Amy Pike

A little leaven leavens the whole lump. 


We are malleable beings: kneaded, pressed and moulded by our ideas, rituals and practices as they work upon us and work through us. 


Leaven, the agent that causes dough to rise, provides a metaphor through which to view the work of young artists as they explore the presence and impact of culture, gender, politics and religion in their lives today.

Two weeks into the exhibition, the South African government initiated a national lock-down in response to the growing threat of COVID-19, and the exhibition had to be suspended. In these unexpected circumstances, the theme of the exhibition has acquired a deeper significance. We have experienced Passover in a tangible way, and the Biblical symbol of bread as provision, both physical and spiritual, is a reminder of our ultimate dependence upon God to meet our needs. 

Download the Unleavened Exhibition Portfolio (PDF 4.5 MB)

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Elbie Visser | Installation view.

Elbie Visser Raise.jpg


Elbie Visser | Raise | Oil on board

Elbie Visser Relief.jpg


Elbie Visser | Relief | Oil on board

Elbie Visser Precipice.jpg


Elbie Visser | Precipice | Oil on board

Elbie Visser Levare.jpg


Elbie Visser | Levare | Gouache on Paper

Elbie Visser - Quiescence.jpg


Elbie Visser | Quintessence | Oil Paint and Magnetite from the Namib Desert on Board



Lizelle Kirsten | Mater | Sycamore Wood and Copper

Lizelle Kirsten Mater.jpg


Lizelle Kirsten | Mater (Detail)



Lizelle Kirsten | Inverse | Cape Fig Wood

Lizelle Kirsten Inverse.jpg


Lizelle Kirsten | Inverse (Detail)



Jana Visser | Contingency II | Bread Dough, Household Streing, Copper Pipping, Gravity, Time

Jana Visser.jpg


Jana Visser | Passed III | Embossed Fabriano Rosaspina


Jana Visser Kneading Remains I-IV  | Oil Monotype on Fabriano Rosapina

Ydi Carstens.jpg


Ydi Carstens | Waiting Room | Oil on Board

Nericke Labuschagne.jpg


Nericke Labuschagne | Untitled I & II | Cement, Air Drying Clay, Steel Wool, Salt, Steel, Steel Netting

Maryke Van Velden | Mannin | Black Toner Transfer onto Fabriano

Van Velden - Ek Is.jpg

Maryke Van Velden | Ek Is | Die Bybel, 1953 & White Gouache


Mosa Anita Kaiser Installation View

Mosa Anita Kaiser 1.png


Mosa Anita Kaiser | The Assumptions of Mary (Can these dry bones live?) II | Photograph

Mosa Anita Kaiser 2.png


Mosa Anita Kaiser | The Assumptions of Mary (Can these dry bones live?) I | Photograph

Mosa Anita Kaiser 3.jpg


Mosa Anita Kaiser | The Assumptions of Mary (Can these dry bones live?)  | Video



Aaron Samuel Mulenga |  Installation View  -

Series of five photographs with food stations:

Mats, Reed Baskets and Foods

Aaron Mulenga Amaka.jpg


Aaron Samuel Mulenga | Amaka 

Photograph - paired with basket containing salt

Aaron Mulenga Agony.jpg


Aaron Samuel Mulenga | Agony in the Garden 

Photograph - paired with basket containing coffee beans

Aaron Mulenga Communion.jpg


Aaron Samuel Mulenga | Communion

Photograph - paired with basket containing unleavened bread 

Aaron Mulenga Yesu Christu.jpg


Aaron Samuel Mulenga | Jesu Christu

Photograph - paired with basket containing wine

Aaron Mulenga Trinity.jpg


Aaron Samuel Mulenga Trinity 

Photograph - paired with basket containing maize meal



Carmen Maria Titus | Installation View

Carmen - 4.jpg
Carmen - 5.jpg
Carmen 6.jpg


Carmen Maria Titus | Stones for Bread I, II, V, VI | Photograph



Bronwen Salton Installation View

Bronwen Salton - Divide and Conquer.png


Bronwen Salton Divide and Conquer: Jerusalem Wall of Separation Israel-Palestine I-III | Linocut Print on Fabriano 

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 13.10.14.png


Sonia Kloppers | The Sign of Jonah | Engraving on Slate Panels

Mjijwa - Death in the Room.jpg


Ntobeko Mjijwa Death in the Room | Oil Paint on Canvas

Marieka Kruger Emergence.jpg


Marieke Kruger Emergence I | Charcoal on Fabriano