Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel

A Land, Invisible

Group Exhibition | 

National Arts Festival 2018

The historic Fort Selwyn building next to the Grahamstown Monument was the venue for an exhibition which featured the landscape genre. The artworks explored how our experience of place is shaped by realities beyond what is visible. 

A land, Invisible was curated by Eben Lochner


Duncan Stewart | Still Standing | Oil on Fabriano 


Maryke Van Velden Jobdig | Bibles and Correction Fluid 


Klara-Marie Den Heijer Bodem | Handmade oil paint from the Teewaterskloof Dam


Klara-Marie Den Heijer | Oil on canvas 


Janna Prinsloo Untamed Beauty (Series of 6) | Found Books, Ink and Watercolour 


Janna Prinsloo | Untamed Beauty (detail) | Found books, ink and watercolour 


Heidi Fourie | Singular Stone | Oil on canvas


Elbie Visser | Monuments | Oil on canvas


Elbie Visser Johannesburg | Oil on canvas


Elbie Visser Cape Town | Oil on canvas 


Elbie Visser | Indringers I | Oil on canvas


Bronwen Salton Anamnesis Series: Divide and Conquer - Jerusalem Wall of Separation II Peaceful Protest II & III | Linocut prints

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