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Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel


Group Exhibition

National Arts Festival 2019

Soma: Greek for 'body'. This exhibition explored the theme of the body as a collection of parts which form a whole. Artworks in the exhibition expressed aspects of physical experience, rituals and the impact of bodies of knowledge in shaping our identities. Some of the artworks included in the show allowed for considered installation.


Curated by Jonathan Griffiths 



Charne Visser | Not an Exercise for The Lips and Tongue (Series of III) 

Lithographic Ink, Linseed Oil



Pieter Mostert | Installation View



Pieter Mostert | Untitled | Ceramic form with Terra Sigala



Klara-Marie Den Heijer | Grondstof Installation View

_Root_ Lizelle Kirsten, 2018.jpg


Lizelle Kirsten | Rooted | Oil on board

_Belief_ Lizelle Kirsten, 2018.jpg


Lizelle Kirsten | Belief | Ink on fabriano

Aaron Mulenga 1.jpeg


Aaron Mulenga Caught up in Your Promise | Ground coffee on canvas

thank you for everything FAnie Marais.JP


Fanie Marais Thank You For Everything | Oil on canvas



Candice Janse Van Rensburg Introverted Patterns of Comfort | Origami paper

Elbie Visser 3.jpg


Elbie Visser | Fragmented Heroes III | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser copy.jpg


Elbie Visser | Deaf, Blind and Dumb | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser 2.jpg


Elbie Visser Foolish Wisdom | Oil on canvas

Elbie Visser 1.jpg


Elbie Visser Fragmented Heroes I | Oil on canvas

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