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Christ Church Somerset West - Image by Paris Brummer (1).jpg
Collaborative Arts Project

Group Exhibition

Christ Church, Somerset West 2021

This group show, the first 40 Stones exhibition done in a church building, was a collaboration with Krux Christian Study Centre and Christ Church Somerset West. The exhibition ran for two weeks and was the backdrop for regular church services and the annual Krux Artists' Gathering. 

The Christ Church building was designed by acclaimed South African architect Jo Noero and served as the inspiration for this group exhibition.

The title refers to a distinctive feature of ecclesiastical architecture. The transept is a passage which separates the sanctuary and altar from the congregation, and is symbolic of a threshold between the sacred and profane. An area known as 'the crossing' is formed in the center and is typically surrounded by four main piers that support the spire. 


In Jo Noero’s design for Christ Church Somerset West, the circular design and four surrounding piers can be seen to expand the crossing in a way which could be read as dissolving the distinction between the congregation and the sanctuary. In this space the realms of the sacred and profane overlap and the commonplace is raised up to the level of the sacred - or perhaps the distinction is removed entirely.


Curated by: Jonathan Griffiths, Maryke Van Velden and Nericke Labuschagne



Justin Southey | Dévoiler | Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas



Klara Marie Den Heijer | Kompas (Compass) | Mixed Media Installation (Bamboo Sticks, Thread, Fabric, Handmade Pigments) 

Breathing Prayer_edited.jpg


Maryke Van Velden | Breathing Prayer Blood on Fabriano Paper



Paul Senyol Like Father Like Son I and II Mixed Media on Canvas



Paul Senyol Nightingale and Drawings and Sketches Mixed Media on Canvas and Paper

Soal_Chris_2021_Axis Mundi_1 (1)_edited.jpg


Chris Soal Axis Mundi Birch Wood, Concrete, Steel



Franli Meintjes Our PrayerCotton Wool and Thread Weave, Cotton Rope, Wood



Jonathan Griffiths and Nericke Labuschagne In Part Corroded Aluminium, Brass, Wood.



Elbie Visser and Lizelle Lazarus Thin Places White River Stones, Cloth, Wine, Cinnamon, Tea, Salt, Linseed Oil, Oil Paint. 



Amy De Vries From Dust to Dust and In Remembrance Giclee Print on Archival Paper



Aaron Mulenga Nachitindinkana | Still from Video

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