Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel

The Golden Thread

Group Exhibition/ National Arts Festival/2016

This exhibition is about the invisible threads - psychological, social, historical and spiritual - which weave together to form our identities. The exhibition invites us to consider how our understanding of the world is shaped by various influences and for us to begin considering the spiritual as an important thread in our lives. 

The Golden Thread was curated by Jonathan Griffiths

Mosa Kaiser
Photographic Print

Karla Benade
Residue Imprint Triplex
Ink, coffee, thread, resin on paper

Janna Prinsloo
Aerial View II
Oil on board

Mareli Els
Pile Up 

Silver, copper, brass and semi-precious stones

N'lamwai Chitambo
The Human Heart Is Fragile
Acrylic on canvas

Thulisile Siguca
In My Grandparents' Clothes
Photographic prints

Carmen Maria Titus
Life Source One: God's Spoken Word

Series of six mezzotint prints made from one plate

Paul Greenway
EA 61: Mayfield Cemetery
Stop frame animation

Hillary Murdoch
Children's Book Illustration: The Bear who Stepped Up
Digital Prints

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