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Beautiful Redemption

Group Exhibition

National Arts Festival 2017

Beautiful Redemption sought to bring the perspective of faith into the arena of current political events and the artworks were a great catalyst for conversation among visitors.

Curated by Eben Lochner

Th Noise We Make.jpg


Franli Meintjes | The Noise We Make - Embroidery 

Jacob_s Descent.jpg


Duncan Stewart | Jacob's Descent | Oil on Fabriano 


Duncan Stewart | Selfie Series | Charcoal on Fabriano 

Duncan Stewart. selfseries1 Stand.jpg
Duncan Stewart. selfseries5 Journey.jpg
Duncan Stewart. selfseries4 Sight.jpg
A Stone became a mountain.jpg


Heidi Fourie | The Stone that Became a Mountain | Oil on Board

Inge Semple The Fall.jpg


Inge Semple | Zuma Must Fall | Watercolour  

lana de villiers Out of the blue.jpg


Lana De Villiers | Spes Bona | Acrylic on canvas

Zach Identification Parade.jpg


Zach Mukwira | Identity Parade | Mixed Media 

traverse 2.jpg


Elbie Visser | Traverse I & II | Oil on canvas 


Heidi Salzwedel and Charl du Preez | Equivalence | Hidden Camera Short Film 

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