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About 40 Stones

40 Stones is a volunteer based curatorial team that is passionate about the public intersection of faith and the contemporary arts. 


We started in Makhanda (Grahamstown) in 2014, where we put on an annual group show at the National Arts Festival until 2019.


Our first two exhibitions were organised through the initiative of OM South Africa, a missions organisation. After this, the artists involved felt strongly to continue with the exhibitions as an opportunity to more deeply explore the intersections of art and faith.


In 2016 we begun partnering with Krux, a theology and culture community based in Stellenbosch, to organise an annual artist gathering event in the Western Cape. Since 2020, 40 Stones has been based in the Western Cape. 

Our current team consists of:


Jonathan Griffiths (director)

Maryke Van Velden

Nericke Labuschagne

Ydi Carstens.

Contact us:

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