Group Exhibition

Cape Town | April 2018

This group exhibition dealt with life in Cape Town and sought to find ways to re-imagine the location and its spiritual and geographical implications. Especially the contradictions between the water crisis and the location as a sought after escape. The exhibition was a pop-up on the First Thursday's event in the City centre. 

Re-sCape was a curated by Heidi Salzwedel


Ydi Carstens | Digital Vistas (detail) | Oil on  canvas


Heidi Fourie

Oil on board  


Inge Semple


Zacharia Mukwira
Food and Wine Celebration
Oil on Paper 


Marie-Adele de Villiers
Like a Drop a from a Bucket, Called By Name

Ink on Fabriano


Janna Prinsloo

Inner Landscape of Colour or Monochrome
Oil and charcoal on canvas 


Lury De Jager
Reflected - a series of hand prints
Polaroid gel transfer 


Lana Venter
Spes Bona (Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand)
Acrylic on Canvas 


Klara-Marie Den Heijer
Wees Stil [Be Still]
Oil paint (made from clay of the heewaterskloof dam) on canvas 


Heidi Salzwedel 


Mixed Media


Karla Benade

Mixed Media on Paper 


Jane Fenemore
A New Day
Mixed Media 


Franli Meintjes
Possible Impossibilities
Embroidery through cloth 

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