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Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel

40 Stones in the Wall

Group Exhibitions

National Arts Festival

2014 & 2015

The first two self-titled 40 Stones exhibitions were organised by OM Arts as an outreach to the National Arts Festival in partnership with local churches and the arts community. The venue was next to a popular night time restaurant and stayed open late. This created a vibrant space where an eclectic mix of art and live art making formed the backdrop to spirited conversation. 

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel and Marie Mohlomi (2014),

Eben Lochner (2015)

02 the seed of you 150x130.jpg


Duncan Stewart |The Seed in You that Grows | Charcoal on Fabriano

Group Exhibition// Cape Town/ April 2018

Curated by Heidi Salzwedel

03 sticks and leaves 700x600.jpg


Duncan Stewart | Sticks and Leaves | Oil on canvas



Thulisile Siguca | Judge Not | Series of body casts of Sex Workers

Body of Christ.jpg


Paul Greenway | Body of Christ | Photographic Collage


Marie Mohlomi | Harvest | Acrylic on canvas

Julia Skeen - Meeting Point.jpg


Julia Skeen | The Bridge | Oil on board



Jonathan Griffiths | Burdened  I | Charcoal on Fabriano

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