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Paul Senyol

Paul Senyol describes 'Like Father Like Son' as his first attempt at what he calls a mirror artwork, a diptych painting on two panels which reflect one another.


The concept and theme came to him while meditating on the concept of what the Scripture describes Adam and Eve as being: 'made in His likeness'. The panels are constructed and composed in a way which allows each other to reflect and mirror the other, creating a butterfly wing effect. Within the panels he has abstracted two figures, the Father and the Son, illustrating the similarities between the two, captured in what he believes would have been a raw and emotional moment in their lives.

'Nightingale' is an excerpt and abstract detail of the larger diptych with very a personal resonance for Senyol.

The drawings and sketches offer an insight into his creative process and points of reference for the final pieces.

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